“I contacted Catherine after meeting here through a mutual friend. She was highly recommended to me as a personal trainer in the CT area! Unfortunately, I live New Hampshire, but after speaking with Catherine, she expressed she could even do remote personal training! Catherine helped me to not only figure out my goals for nutrition and health, but she also set me on the path to change my lifestyle as a whole!

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a personal trainer

but more importantly, a personal trainer who is professional, positive and a driven coach with a passion for nutrition, health and training! A++”

- Kenneth, New Hampshire

“I asked Catherine to help me jump start a lifestyle change. I had tried things on my own and had no success. She was able to guide me to learn how to make a healthy “lifestyle” and become part of my daily routine. She was always available for coaching, advice and always checking in on me. She has been an inspiration and a big part of my life! I was looking to lose weight and had Catherine help me with a sample meal plan. I purchased the Individualized Fitness and Macro Plan from Catherine. I asked my husband to join me for moral support

within 3 months of Catherine’s coaching we had lost a combined 50 pounds

felt much healthier and have adapted a new lifestyle. Eating healthy and working out have become part of our daily life and we will never go back! Catherine has truly been an inspiration to both of us and has helped and guided us to change for the better for the long term! I would recommend her to anyone!”

- Kari, Massachusetts

“Catherine has been an amazing coach and friend from the start of my journey. I purchased the Individualized Fitness and Macro Plan from Catherine and in 3 months I lost 20 pounds and started working out everyday thanks to her coaching and guidance. I have more energy and feel cleaner and better in my daily life.

She has been truly inspirational and informational

She is always available for help and support. She has changed my life for the better!”

- Patrick, Massachusetts

“I started Catherine’s Individualized Fitness and Macro Plan and after being on it for just a few days I saw and felt changes in my body! I felt lighter, more regular, and more focused. After a few short weeks I began to see noticeable changes in my shape and saw the scale dropping at a steady and safe rate!

Catherine was constantly available to cheer me on

Catherine was constantly available to cheer me on, make adjustments to my macros according to how my body was responding, and to help me out in exercise techniques and form! After continued support from Catherine I was able to lose 14lbs in just 8 weeks! Today I am still on my path to my own weight loss/health goals! Catherine was a priceless asset in getting me in the road to a healthier life style!”

- Danielle, Connecticut

“I cannot express enough thanks and praise to Catherine for changing my life in the most positive way. I started my journey with Catherine in the beginning of June at 215 pounds, as the mother of twin two year olds who works full-time as a teacher during the school year. I had no energy and I used that as an excuse to continue unhealthy habits. I was drinking 2 to 5 cokes a day and eating fast food at least 2 times a week. I always wanted to make a lifestyle change and I was feeding my kids healthy organic meals, but I just could never commit to it myself or do it alone. After giving her my statistics, she calculated my macros and I was on my way. She is always available whether I have a question about foods, exercise or the app I was using to track my nutrition and just to encourage me not to give up and keep going when I was frustrated. She is literally there 24 hours a day, if I need it! She has also taught me a lot about food and helps me with at home workouts since I don’t have time for the gym. I have tried many different unsuccessful diets and have gone up and down in weight since my teenage years

this is the ONLY time and ONLY way it works

I have lost 35 pounds and am currently 180 pounds and I will continue until I reach my goal of 155. Catherine will then help me maintain that weight. Her way works and I could not do it without her, losing 1.5-2 pounds a week and keeping it off!”

- Meghan, Connecticut

“Working with Catherine has been a true inspiration. I never thought I could have the body that I had envisioned while eating the food that I desire. She taught me that it is all about moderation and mind over matter. I learned that exercising and eating right should not be a phase, but a lifestyle. Treating yourself with this lifestyle will not only gain you a boost of energy, but will create structure, balance, less stress, and pure happiness.

She also taught me that everyone deserves to feel complete confidence

No matter what shape your body is…curvy, skinny, square, or round. You are the one in control. I learned that focus and consistence is key. I have researched many diets that many people have failed to continue because it was not a realistic way of life. Catherine was very informative and believed in me. As I kept a log and kept track of myself throughout my journey and her guidance, I quickly noticed positive changes. Everyone deserves to feel confident and satisfied with themselves. By the end of your journey, you will look and feel exactly the way you want. It all depends on what life you want to live.”

- Ashley, California

“I reached out to Catherine for a program that would give me some structure and guidance on the proper diet and exercise routine that would tailor to my personal goals.

I had the objective of gaining muscle

and some weight, with a focus on the legs and glutes. I was very strict with following the macros as much as possible and started seeing results as fast as after 3 weeks at the gym. I voiced my doubts to Catherine at the beginning, not believing I would have a noticeable change after a month. It wasn’t until I compared before and after photos that I realized I was wrong. It then only boosted my motivation even more to keep pushing myself to see how far I could progress after seeing each monthly progress photo.”

- Rosie, Connecticut