16-week Individualized Macro Plan

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This program suits the individual who solely needs nutritional guidance. In the 16-week Individualized Macro Plan, macronutrients are mathematically derived from a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) formula (see “One-Time Macronutrient Calculation” package for further details). Client has full flexibility and control over their dietary intake. This flexible approach is very sustainable in the long term. No restrictions. No starvation. Food is fuel! It is the clients responsibility to self-track dietary intake. The client will naturally become more aware of the macronutrients and micronutrients they put into their body through this process. The plan will include a “macro cheat sheet” with recommended foods for each macronutrient. Body as a Whole recommends the purchase of a food scale, measuring utensils, and a body weight scale.

The client will have unlimited access to Catherine. Weekly check-ins are required through updates on mental and physical health, body weight, and confidential progress photos. Weekly macro adjustments may be made based on the clients progress.

A questionnaire will be sent to client immediately after purchase. Turnover time is two business days after questionnaire is received. Refunds are not accepted.


  • Custom macronutrient calculation
  • Macro cheat sheet
  • Unlimited communication with Catherine
  • Weekly adjustments, if required